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Blazer said:
Leynos said:

Base PS4 with Pro performance with DLSS.

I also suspect it will be able to replicate the Wii U dual-screen capability. Taking the system out of the dock and playing handheld, it can wireless transmit a signal to the TV for split screen games. One person plays on TV while the other plays handheld natively.

Retarded nintendo hater.

BonfiresDown said:

Digital Foundry recently did a rough test of how it would perform based on rumors. It’s like PS4 to PS4 Pro level I think along with DLSS and ray tracing. For me it will be plenty good for the games Nintendo make so I don’t terribly care.

Retarded nintendo hater.

IcaroRibeiro said:

Hopefully above PS4 pro 

I won't be surprised if it's behind base PS4 though 

Very retarded nintendo hater.

VAMatt said:

PS4 Pro performance docked, with paper stats a bit above base PS4.

Retarded nintendo hater.

Slownenberg said:

First sentence above: yeah thats basically exactly what I expect. Specs around PS4/XB1 level, but with DLSS it should be able to output something around PS4 Pro level I would think.

Second part is interesting. Hadn't thought about that before. If they do that (and for future gens as well) that could be a way to put DS and 3DS games on NSO. And of course as you say that could be useful for multiplayer as well. I could totally be down for that being the new thing Nintendo adds next gen so I could try out DS and 3DS games.

Retarded nintendo hater.

OdinHades said:

I'm expecting basically the power of the Steam Deck in a smaller device. So PS4 at best, and that's good enough for me.

Retarded nintendo hater.

BasilZero said:

It'll be in between PS4 and PS4 Pro level.

Retarded nintendo hater.

Chrkeller said:

Ps4 to ps4 pro. It will not produce series s visuals much less ps5. Memory bandwidth is going to be a limiting factor.  Storage space will also be curious.  

So really nothing changes on my end from last generation. The switch 2 will be for 1st party software and third party will be PC/ps5 for noticeably better graphics and significantly better performance (fps, lighting, shadows, etc.).  

Retarded nintendo hater.

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