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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Pinkie_pie said:

I agree with Blazer. Like I said in my previous post PS4 is over a decade old. Surely Nintendo next console would be more powerful than PS4. When Switch came out it was more powerful than PS3

...which was over 10 years old by that time, too. And it was more powerful despite the possibilities of the Cell chip. And most in this thread agree that it will be more powerful than the PS4.

Blazer, on the other hand, expect the successor of the Switch to "wipe the floor with the PS4 Pro" in raw power, which is just unrealistic if it retains the hybrid form factor of the Switch.


Switch 2 is a laptop, and is now more powerfull  than a PS4pro :)

just kidding.

I fully agree, nintendo needs to keep it light weight, low power consumption, low priced as well.
That just doesnt lend itself to easily going beyound where the PS4 is, for a handheld dockable device.