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I expect the rumored specs to be true as its from a nvidia hack. 8x A78c cpu cores, 128-bit bus and 1536 ampere gpu cores on samsung 8nm.
But I expect the clocks to be much lower than what most people expect, 1.5ghz for the Cpu and around 450mhz for the gpu.

That gives about 0.92TF in handheld mode and probably 2x dock mode, Even though it's a modern gpu architecture it has ampere TF so around 0.5x the performance of ps4 and around the same performance in dock mode.

Nintendo fans will probably be dissapointed with the new switch but keep in mind rdna2 which steamdeck is based on is more efficient than ampere and that console is big, clumsy and has 1.5 hour battery life.

6x master league achiever in starcraft2

Beaten Sigrun on God of war mode

Beaten DOOM ultra-nightmare with NO endless ammo-rune, 2x super shotgun and no decoys on ps4 pro.

1-0 against Grubby in Wc3 frozen throne ladder!!