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Chrkeller said:

Ps4 to ps4 pro. It will not produce series s visuals much less ps5. Memory bandwidth is going to be a limiting factor.  Storage space will also be curious.  

So really nothing changes on my end from last generation. The switch 2 will be for 1st party software and third party will be PC/ps5 for noticeably better graphics and significantly better performance (fps, lighting, shadows, etc.).  

Chrkeller said:
KratosLives said:

I guess you missed the part where they shocased unreal 5 engine demo similar to what what shown for ps5. That cannot run on ps4/ps4 pro specs. It will also have a current gen based cpu, which is much more powerful than last gen, along with a much bettter cpu.

Saw it and I'm not buying it.  The switch 2 will have mobile hardware and will not push ps5 visuals.  The iPhone pro was suppose to be amazing and RE8 is a mess.  I also remember the ps2 demo of FF8 dance scene....  people, imo, are expecting too much from the switch 2.  Mobile has come a long way but mobile is still limited.  Memory bandwidth will be a bottleneck.  

'The switch 2 will have mobile hardware and will not push ps5 visuals.' I think this goes without saying (to sane people anyway).

The iPhone pro is limited by power draw & thermals, it is handily outperformed by the steam deck which on paper has a less powerful chip.

Would you agree that the Switch 2 is likely to be more capable than the Steam Deck, in docked mode at least?

If yes then I think your point re. 3rd parties isn't really supported as Steam Deck runs a tonne of modern titles... If the Switch 2 establishes a decent install base, which seems almost guaranteed at this point (unless Nintendo completely shits the bed), then titles will also be more optimised than on SD.

Yes, games will look better on the home consoles but that also applies to Steam Deck - developers are still spending resources on optimizing around the SD specs for a reason.