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sc94597 said:

DOCKED: I'd expect it to perform roughly on-par with the low-end Nvidia Ampere laptop dGPU's. So basically RTX 2050/RTX 3050 4GB 30W level. I think it will age better than them though, due to having more VRAM (at least 6 GB of useable video memory versus 4GB.)  I think it will do this at the lower power profile because I expect Nvidia to go with a die-shrink (TSMC 4nm.) 

So that puts it a half-tier (GPU-wise) below the Series S, and in some applications (ray-tracing workloads) it should have a better showing than the Series S. DLSS might be able to get it close as well. 

UNDOCKED: Roughly Steam Deck/PS4 level, again with a better feature-set. 

Gpus aren't entire consoles. But case in point, the switch 2 gpu will easily beat the ps4 gpu even in portable mode.