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As expected, a thread filled with retarded nintendo haters talking shit. THE SWITCH 2 WILL BE ROUGHLY 3X MORE POWERFUL THAN THE PS4. And unlike many imbeciles in here, I'm not talking about a single aspect (gpu). This is as a whole. It will have a much better gpu and cpu than the ps4 and more than double the usable ram for games (5gb on ps4 vs probably 10.5gb on switch 2).

Comparisons with the ps4 pro are asanine. The ps4 pro is just a ps4 with a better gpu. The switch 2 will wipe the floor with the ps4, so it will also wipe the floor with the ps4 pro, though with a much closer gpu gap vs that one.

Series S is also a stupid comparison because of how weirdly built it is. It's a series x with a gpu around 35% as strong and way too little ram. And so many idiots keep making comparisons to just the gpu as if that was the whole system. The switch 2 gpu should be a little more powerful than the series S. It will have notably more ram for games (7.5gb for series s vs 10.5gb on switch 2 vs 13.5gb on ps5/series x) though at lower bandwidth and the cpu should be around half as powerful as the one inside ps5/series x/series s.

10th gen multiplats ported for switch will need to be downgraded to acomodate for that cpu gap, but this isn't rocket science. Engines are more scalable than ever and this will be a much simpler job than ports in the past. With that out of the way, the switch 2 will easily have enough gpu and ram to run those multiplats at a lower resolution: 900-1080p docked, 540-720p portable before DLSS reconstructs it to 2160p docked and 1080p portable while the ps5 versions are 1600-2160p.

End result for games: Multiplats between Switch 2, ps5 and series x will look graphically a little worse on switch 2 but will run at the same framerates and the same or higher final resolution quality thanks to dlss. It will be the closest that a portable hardware has gotten against modern console competitors, with the differences only being noticeable in side by side comparisons. We'll have a system that is cheaper than the competition, outputs the games with little (or no, for indies, A, AA games that don't push any console) difference vs competitors, all while having the advantage of being oth portable and a home console + having nintendo's unrivaled first party lineup. The mass market will buy it like crazy and haters will be left lying and crying like usual.