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Slownenberg said:

lol Xbox beats PS4 and PS5 combined! That's hilarious to see. I guess literally everyone is waiting for the PS5 slim these days, or is it that Sony has just stopped stocking the current version and will only be stocking the Slim once it launches? I dunno when the Slim is coming out but I wonder if PS5 can hit 100k the week it releases considering the past 4-5 weeks Japan sales dropped like 100k or so.

Good to see whatever was going on with Switch sales the past few weeks has corrected itself now. Was probably just stock issues poorly timed with the Wonder release. Second best week 45 in Switch's history. With the possible exception of next week, Switch will shortly be entering 100k+ territory for rest of the weeks this year.

Also, wow, MK8D is NOT in the top 10?! That's gotta have only happened a handful of times since it came out in 2017.

Sony didn't shipped current model for over a month now to zero the inventory and prepare for the launch of the new model on the 10th.

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