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IcaroRibeiro said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes subs and give away may certainly cut the leg of sales short, but probably financial impact will be neutered by gain/sustain in subs. Curious to see how far can these games fare with the new strategy from Sony (saleswise and sure impact wise with the multimidia effort).

 I'm not implying Sony doesn't know what they are doing

They certainly have estathistical models to measure the financial impact of putting games as bonus of subscription services 

Just stating this will cost them sales 

I understood that, wasn't disagreeing from you, I even said I'm curious to see if we will have data for total sales for those titles a few years in the future and/or big increases in subs numbers/revenue caused by their inclusion on the sub (the first one I think we may see, the second one I don't think so).

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