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DekutheEvilClown said:

Why are people acting like Spider-Man will have no legs? The original had a 3.3M opening and broke 20m. Miles Morales had a much lower opening and was the 12th best selling game in the USA in 2020 and 6th in 2021.

Most Sony games have legs:

Horizon: Zero Dawn did 2.2m in its first 2 weeks and 20m+ lifetime.
God of War opening week was 3.1M and did 20m+
Ghost of Tsushima has a 2.4m opening week and it reached 9.7M by July 2022 and will probably hit 15-20m lifetime.
Uncharted 4 opening 7 days sold 2.7M and hit 15m by May 2019 (lifetime unknown)
The Last of Us sold 1.3M in 7 days and hit 20m in October 2019 across PS3+4

I think PC ports are doing better than many expected. 

Take God of War for instance. It was announced at 19M+ lifetime in Aug/Sept of 2021, launched on PC in Jan 2022, and hit 23M lifetime by the end of Oct 22. SpiderMan, and maybe TLOU down the line, are the only IP's that will be more evergreen than GoW from Sony's first party, IMO.