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Why are people acting like Spider-Man will have no legs? The original had a 3.3M opening and broke 20m. Miles Morales had a much lower opening and was the 12th best selling game in the USA in 2020 and 6th in 2021.

Most Sony games have legs:

Horizon: Zero Dawn did 2.2m in its first 2 weeks and 20m+ lifetime.
God of War opening week was 3.1M and did 20m+
Ghost of Tsushima has a 2.4m opening week and it reached 9.7M by July 2022 and will probably hit 15-20m lifetime.
Uncharted 4 opening 7 days sold 2.7M and hit 15m by May 2019 (lifetime unknown)
The Last of Us sold 1.3M in 7 days and hit 20m in October 2019 across PS3+4