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Not surprising. UK is a much stronger territory for Playstation than Nintendo. And also Nintendo's got the vouchers program currently so it pretty much makes no sense to buy full priced first party games since you get the games $10 off by using a voucher, except for the small percentage of people who are game collectors and sticklers for only getting physical copies. Personally, I used my second voucher for Wonder (TotK was my first voucher).

Wonder will easily have outsold Spiderman 2 at launch globally this weekend, though still it's not like Wonder is gonna put up anything near Pokemon V/S or TotK 10 million numbers for launch weekend. I'd guess Wonder probably did like 7+ million opening weekend, Spiderman 2 probably more like 5-6 million - just guesses but seems likely. Also Wonder is going to have a big holiday season with millions of kids who watched the Mario movie asking for it for Christmas. Wonder could potentially outsell Spiderman 2's lifetime numbers just this quarter as it wouldn't be surprising for Wonder to get to around 20m by end of year. UK physical only sales for launch weekend don't mean much for Wonder's success.