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Was looking through the list of games released in 1994 and there a lot of them I spent a lot of my child hood playing.

My Vote went to FF6 since it my all time favorite turn base RPG. I wont argue with people that prefer Chrono Trigger but I personally have FF6 number one.

Warcraft, X-Com and earthbound are other games in the poll I spent plenty of hours playing but I got 3 more games from 1994 that I spent plenty of time playing in my life

ShadowRun for the sega gensis while had some flaws overall I really enjoyed it and it more mature setting

Al-Quadim - I found the real time combat and focus on puzzles different then any SSI Dungeon and dragon game I played before it and through out my life completed multiple play through

Finally Master of Magic which I probably have way more hours logged in then any other 1994 game. While FF6 is my game of the year this defiantly the game that I go back to the most from 1994. I not in general a huge turn base 4x strategy game fan but for some reason this game I just fell in love with since the first time I play it and to this day if I in the mood for a turn base 4x game I will go back too.