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I'm nice and early for this poll!

With 1994 we welcome in the golden age of Final Fantasy, so my vote of course goes to FFVI. One of the greatest games of all time. The story and characters are phenomenal with Kefka as a stand-out gaming villain whose 16-bit maniacal laugh will always be iconic. The way that each character in the party is treated as a "main" character and each of their scenarios being individually written by different writers means not only do most of the cast get the development they deserve but we get varied and dynamic storytelling which doesn't get repetitive despite the length of the game. Another outstanding feature of this game is undoubtedly Uematsu's soundtrack. The whole OST is fantastic but the "Opera - Maria and Draco" theme as well as "Dancing Mad" are just full operatic 15-minute, 4 part masterpieces all done on the Super Nintendo!!!! Mindblowing!

Sonic 3 & Knuckles is also fantastic but being split into two games was always a curious and really rather shady decision

I'm sure Earthbound is also fantastic but I haven't yet gottten around to it

And finally, I expect a lot of votes for both Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid. I'm sure they're both awesome, but they just don't appeal to me