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I think the current split is closer to 60:40 in Series S's favor.

It's like Microsoft are doing all they could to ensure Series S beats the more popular X. Series X's midgen refresh is staying at the "same great price" while ditching the disk drive (adorably all digital) in favor of a larger capacity storage. It will be met with zero hype because the PS5 Pro will launch at a comparable price and potentially twice the real world performance, and the mega popular base PS5 will be significantly cheaper (+ the ability to buy a detachable disk drive).

MS initially didn't plan for the X to outsell the S, probably because it's much more expensive and harder to produce (it's poorly deigned from a mass market standpoint). I thought Series X's relatively high demand would eventually compel them to prioritize it and find a solution, but the refresh and its pricing imply that MS are keeping it as their "enthusiast" console. Then again, Series X production did significantly improve while Series S sales declined YoY.