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zeldaring said:
zorg1000 said:

You’re talking about personal preferences, I’m talking about the general population. You’re one of the hardcore gaming enthusiasts/tech junkies I’m referring to, the vast majority of people are not going to know the resolution or frame rate of a game unless you tell them. That’s great that you enjoy physical but media is moving to digital and people seem to be happy with that.

You can't really talk about what the general population cares about when they buy a 1000$ iPhone every year. People like the latest most powerful tech and they read about how it benefits them. I can imagine the samething for consoles. Ps5 is destroying Xbox sales after all.

People don’t buy a $1000 phone every year, most people pay little to nothing up front and pay an extra $30 or so on their monthly bill for a couple years, psychologically they are getting a “free” phone.

I’m not really sure how people’s phone buying habits are relevant to the discussion though.

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