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zeldaring said:
zorg1000 said:

Makes sense to me, if I were to buy an Xbox I would definitely get the $300 S model vs the $500 X model.

I don’t think the average gamer can see any noticeable difference in the visuals or performance of games on Series S, PS5 or Series X. It’s really only the hardcore gaming enthusiasts and tech junkies that can tell the difference.

Some games get  double performance and many games run at a much better frame rate. besides that physical is great and can save you so much money if you know where to buy and sell. I think it's stupid to get the series S cause it like a 5 year investment and if you are worried about money getting physical is much better cause you can buy from ebay used and sell to ebay or gamestop and get the game for very little money. 

elden ring suck on series s

dead space is only 30fps on series s

games are only gonna become more taxing so series s is just a bad decision if that's your main console.  

You’re talking about personal preferences, I’m talking about the general population. You’re one of the hardcore gaming enthusiasts/tech junkies I’m referring to, the vast majority of people are not going to know the resolution or frame rate of a game unless you tell them. That’s great that you enjoy physical but media is moving to digital and people seem to be happy with that.

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