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Trentonater said:

That does not suggest consumers prefer the S or digital-only consoles. The S has previously been the only console readily availible during holiday rushes which is directly related to higher demand for the Series X

...but it does. Numbers don't lie.

Mar1217 said:

The first years of the Series were marked by drought of stocks in the prime offering of the Series X meaning the sells were obviously gonna tanged towards the Series S heavily. However, from what we see in market where the X is readily available, the Series X outsells the S model so this leaked document doesn't mean anything other than what was pretty obvious.

How do you know that the series X outsells the S model? Did MS release that data? If you can please link me I'd love to read it and it may change my view on this.

I wonder how many people here bought the S model over the X simply because the S was more readily available? (I wouldn't mind seeing a poll of that actually). 

I can understand maybe a small percentage bought it because it was the only model available. But personally, I think that the majority of Series S owners still bought it because that was their chosen console model (they were satisfied with the spec and the price), not because the X wasn't available.  And if X model suddenly starts growing in sales is maybe because new owners just want the X model now and everybody that wanted the S model already bought it and nobody wants it anymore. 

We can speculate many things as how these sales came to be but I rather believed more consumers purchased their product of choice rather than because it was their only option.

As for the generic parents on holiday shopping, they likely bought the S because it was the cheaper option and don't care about the specs.  When I worked in retail, the lower models (core and arcade) of the Xbox360 sold out much faster than the pro models so its safe to say that the lower price tag plays a huge part. This was also the same for the Nintendo 2DS.

I'm also sure a lot more X models are selling now, especially with Starfield released.  I would love to see an updated chart of this from MS a few years down the road.