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So about +17M people own the S model.  

There was a thread here recently stating if the S model is still needed; I guess this definitely answers the question; yes MS needs the S model. It's should be no surprise that MS isn't planning on releasing a pro model and leaning towards digital only consoles. It's clear that Xbox consumers prefer digital and cheaper price over hardware. 

Ironic that MS released the most powerful console yet majority of their console sales is the weaker model. So I wonder how this will affect MS's strategy for next gen.

MS should forget making an X slim mid-gen and make an S slim-mid-gen instead of just a black version (or make both).  A series S with similar size of the slim PS2 would be something I'd want to pick up. 

Also makes me wonder how many PS5 owners have the digital-only model.


Last edited by V-r0cK - on 20 September 2023