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GProgrammer said:

Dragons Lair had such shallow gameplay, plus lazer discs never really took off so not sure why people vote for it.

My vote is for Atic Atac The first true decent arcade adventure, a landmark game and quite fun to play. It set the mould for others like zelda to copy and improve.
Gyruss and Track and Field were also fun

Laserdiscs did take off for hifi enthusiasts, I still have over a hundred in a box downstairs. Sadly my Laserdisc player broke (and I have replaced all the good ones with blu-ray versions by now). Laserdisc was better quality than early DVD and had AC3 surround sound first. It was readily available in stores where I bought all my Laserdiscs. Anyone with a projector at the time had Laserdisc for best video quality.

Plus Dragon's lair is still getting rereleased, last version was 2018. But it will be back in a 4K remaster.