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Kyuu said:

I think you're reading too much into the expression "anger". Call it what you want... some people will not be happy about how many games will run/look on Series S, and they will be blaming developers rather than acknowledging the console's limited capabilities and popularity.

Sure, exactly like some will not be happy about how the game looks on the X or PS5, ROG Ally or Steam deck or laptop and blam developers rather than acknowledging the console's limited capabilities. 

Kyuu said:

Most will just move on and eventually get a better console/PC.

Exactly like it always has been with every gaming hardware, why does the series S need to be singled out?

Kyuu said:

SNES games were 2D and designed for CRT's. They're more pleasing to the eye than sub 500p Series S 3D games running on 4K displays. The SNES was a killer of a console for its time, and its games visually aged better than most if not all 3D consoles. (Edit: Nevermind, you said NES and I can't fucking read, but the point still stands. 2D games were fine on CRT and low resolutions).

Sure there's that attribute with 2d games, but I also still play a lot of N64, complete SM64 (240p) every year. also was using my OG Xbox quite often up to the point that Timesplitter FP (480P) was added to the backward compatible list. 

But the point of this is people will decide for themselves what's acceptable to them, they don't need to be imposed any one other standards.

Kyuu said:

Even DLSS doesn't do a perfect job at scaling from resolutions lower than 720p up to 4K. FSR in its current form is a lot worse than DLSS when upscaling from low resolutions.

FSR and DLSS are not meant to do perfect jobs.

Kyuu said:

In Aveum Series S case, it's virtually useless (not much better than standard upscaling). The gap between the image quality of Series S and X/PS5 is therefore bigger than the native resolutions suggest.

It may be useless for your standard but it isn't actually the case as far as the technology goes. I trust Ascendant would simply have disabled FSR for the S if it was the case but they didn't, I also trust AMD would not even have proposed the option to upscale from such low res but they did. Should be pretty easy to test anyway, just play the game on PC with resolutions closely matching 436p upscaled to 1440p (target output for the S) and then do the same test relying on your screen more upscale to do the jobs.

Kyuu said:

It is definitely a near-generational difference visually. It's even more extreme than cases like Destiny PS3 vs PS4. Low vs ultra settings on PC is often a near-generational difference as well. It depends on the game.

But the game functionality is still complete and low settings are still a viable budget option for millions of players. Even more so when you consider that more and more focus is given to creating viable experiences for APU lately. Having the Series S ensures MS that all their titles including those from 3rd party will be able to reach a wider range of configurations and probably access tens of millions more potential gamers on PC than if low-power device was simply overlooked.

Kyuu said:

Expectations for Series S vary from one person to another (my expectations for instance were spot on, Series S didn't disappoint me at all). But Xbox centric channels and influencers overhyped it. A lot of people will be disappointed, but I'm not saying it's the end of the world or anything like that.

Sure expectations vary but that's not exclusive to the S.  I've seen way more downplay of the S the overhyping, in fact, I'm not sure I could say I've seen anything that qualifies as overhyping for the S. The most praise have seen came from MVG. And he mostly praised the machine for it's price point and dev mode functionality enabling emulation gaming, not as a top-notch graphics console.  

Kyuu said:

Of course PS5 and Series X will disappoint a number of gamers too. Just not as much as the S.

That's debatable at best, Maybe, who knows? I mean, that's like saying more people will be disappointed buying a cheap Toyota than those buying a more expensive model. That's debatable at best. People will have more expectations of a more expensive version and probably be more rigid about it, making them more easily disappointed in their purchase decision with each perceived flaw.

Yet this completely overlooks the fact that simply more people would come to enjoy the products. Cheap Toyotas enable millions of people to have access to Toyota cars and way more people to enjoy Toyota overall than if they were to propose solely expensive cars.

So the true question should simply be, can/will more people enjoy Xbox with the series S option than without and that's not even up for debate, that's an undeniable yes supported by millions of sales to date.