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I think you're reading too much into the expression "anger". Call it what you want... some people will not be happy about how many games will run/look on Series S, and they will be blaming developers rather than acknowledging the console's limited capabilities and popularity. Most will just move on and eventually get a better console/PC.

SNES games were 2D and designed for CRT's. They're more pleasing to the eye than sub 500p Series S 3D games running on 4K displays. The SNES was a killer of a console for its time, and its games visually aged better than most if not all 3D consoles. (Edit: Nevermind, you said NES and I can't fucking read, but the point still stands. 2D games were fine on CRT and low resolutions).

Even DLSS doesn't do a perfect job at scaling from resolutions lower than 720p up to 4K. FSR in its current form is a lot worse than DLSS when upscaling from low resolutions. In Aveum Series S case, it's virtually useless (not much better than standard upscaling). The gap between the image quality of Series S and X/PS5 is therefore bigger than the native resolutions suggest.

It is definitely a near-generational difference visually. It's even more extreme than cases like Destiny PS3 vs PS4. Low vs ultra settings on PC is often a near-generational difference as well. It depends on the game.

Expectations for Series S vary from one person to another (my expectations for instance were spot on, Series S didn't disappoint me at all). But Xbox centric channels and influencers overhyped it. A lot of people will be disappointed, but I'm not saying it's the end of the world or anything like that.

Series S's popularity may have peaked already. Active Series S users will dwindle as midrange PC, PS5, and Series X userbase greatly increase. Fully optimizing for the Seires S should become less common over the years, because support is always tied to popularity.

Of course PS5 and Series X will disappoint a number of gamers too. Just not as much as the S.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 07 September 2023