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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
JEMC said:

Thanks, Conina.

And yeah, Boffer is right, it looks like the 7900XTX will sell better than the previous high-end AMD cards. I'm surprised Steam doesn't have numbers for the 7900XT, but given how Valve/Steam has dealt with AMD numbers in the past, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that they're merging the 7900XT & XTX data together, which would explain why the latter is doing so well (relatively speaking)..

That would be pretty bad if they combined it. 7900XTX is only at 0.23%. For comparison, a 4060 that came out a bit over 2 months ago already matched it in steams hardware survey. If it's combined, than the % would be even worse.

While I get your point, it's not exactly the best comparison possible given that the xx60 series are always the most popular Nvidia cards, followed by the xx50 one, even if the performance jump this time around isn't exactly great.

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