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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Still only the 7900XTX for RDNA3... at least it has some healthy growth, already close to what the 6900XT reached and over 50% of 6900XT & 6950XT combined.

Ada is growing much slower than previous gens going by your graph; looks like most folks agree that this gen is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade outside of the 4090 and maybe the 4080.

Makes sense when you consider a 6900XT had msrp of $1000 and a 6800XT had msrp of $650 for like 10-15% performance difference vs 7900XTX msrp of $1000 and 7900XT msrp of $900. It's like how a 4090 is selling at a faster rate than 3090 because a 3080 had an msrp of $700 vs 3090 had an msrp of $1500 for 10-15% extra performance compared to 4080 $1200 and 4090 $1600 with a 20-30% performance gap.

JEMC said:

Thanks, Conina.

And yeah, Boffer is right, it looks like the 7900XTX will sell better than the previous high-end AMD cards. I'm surprised Steam doesn't have numbers for the 7900XT, but given how Valve/Steam has dealt with AMD numbers in the past, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that they're merging the 7900XT & XTX data together, which would explain why the latter is doing so well (relatively speaking)..

That would be pretty bad if they combined it. 7900XTX is only at 0.23%. For comparison, a 4060 that came out a bit over 2 months ago already matched it in steams hardware survey. If it's combined, than the % would be even worse.


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