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Bofferbrauer2 said:
JEMC said:

Thanks, Conina.

And yeah, Boffer is right, it looks like the 7900XTX will sell better than the previous high-end AMD cards. I'm surprised Steam doesn't have numbers for the 7900XT, but given how Valve/Steam has dealt with AMD numbers in the past, it wouldn't surprise me to discover that they're merging the 7900XT & XTX data together, which would explain why the latter is doing so well (relatively speaking)..

Would be a bit weird considering that they meticilously divided up the RDNA2 cards. Guess we'll see in the coming months if the 7900XT (and maybe even the GRE?) will show up separately.

I agree that it would be weird, but it's also weird how long it takes for Steam to show new AMD cards and how they usually "hide" those numbes under the DX9 and before figures until they post them in the right place.

It's like Valve uses the GPU variant to make make the graphs, and it's easier to tell appart Nvidia's AD103 from the AD104 rather than AMD's Navi 31 (215-145000146) from the Navi 31 (215-145000156), with the first one being the XTX and the second one the XT (thank God for Techpowerup's databse).

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