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I don't sympathize with Punk. When HHH said "he's your problem now", those words rang so true.

This man put his hands on someone over a spot in a match that HE didn't even have a spot in. Jungle boy got the approval from higher-ups for said spot so that should have ended it right there. CM Punk doesn't sign paychecks, Tony Khan does. I agree with Punk about not using glass, but the problem is that he doesn't understand it's not his choice to make. That was between Jungle boy, Hook, and whoever gave them the ok to do it.

Not to mention Punk is a hypocrite. It's ok when he goes off-script and shoots on people. But when someone does it back to him he can't control his anger. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Moxley was right when he said Punk has a fragile ego. Period