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chakkra said:
lgs20XP said:

The only difference that you sort of showed was that Sony mainly pushes single player narrative games whereas Microsoft's games tend to be multiplayer. Multiplayer gamers are better for long term and monetization. That's why they do better in the long run.

But.. that doesn't contradict my initial point in the slightest.. I mean, you can pick whatever reason makes you feel more comfortable, but at the end of the day, A LOT more people are playing those Xbox games on PC (and buying them) than Sony's, which brings us back to my original conundrum, why don't these people feel the need to get an xbox if they love these "games that are better for long term and monetization" so much?

Now, since you brought up the "single player vs multiplayer" angle, let's take a look at a little chart that shows us that that is not quite the case:

See? so it is not a matter of "single player vs multiplayer". PC gamers just don't seem to be that much interested in those games from Sony; which leaves us with two possibilities, either a) Sony games don't have nearly as much pull as the internet claims, or b) people who want to play those games from Sony simply buy a Playstation to do so.

It's not they aren't interested, its the fact that by time they hit Steam they're almost 2 years old. And even with that chart that you showed every game you have there that isn't Sony also came out brand new.

But I do agree with you that most Sony gamers rather play on playstation. But then again, Playstation gets the games almost 2 years ahead of the personal computer audience so there's that.