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Mnementh said:

BTW: People should play Baldur's Gate 3, instead of worrying about Series S. They shouldn't wait for it releasing on PS5. It will be an inferior version anyways. While controller input works and is fine I guess, mouse and keyboard input is far superior for this game with higher precision and faster access to all the options with clicking in the hotbar instead of navigating through a series of selection wheels.

Amen to that :) This a little off topic but seriously I tried to play on PC with a controller and while it works and will be enjoyable, that game is really better played with a mouse/kb (and this comes from a really big controller fan who plays even FPS with a controller on PC). No matter if it is on Xbox or Play Station 5, if you can enjoy it on PC, take it on PC and play with a mouse/kb :) Canth, out!