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Imaginedvl said:
twintail said:

It's a *potential* entry point into GamePass, unless every Series S sold = GamePass subscriber which I highly doubt. 

Last I read, GamePass (and other subscription models) were slowing down in adoption. If that is the case, then I question even more Series S serving as an entry point into GamePass. 

Unless there's some data that makes claims otherwise. 

The Series S is the cheapest entry into this generation of gaming + with access to GamePass + Xbox exclusives. Simple as that, saying that it is just a "potential" entry point is irrelevant, IT IS an entry point. And that's value right there; you may not be interested in it, but there is no denying that it is a thing.

For the majority of buyers, it gave them:

- Ability to subscribe to GamePass and play the games (that's not a potential, it is an entry point to that).

- Access to this gen. games (even with less FPS, lower resolution, or some features disabled)

- And Xbox exclusives.

And it is still 100% true today for new buyers, so again, the value of the Series S is there for sure.

Look, what you've written here is not even remotely what you originally replied to me with.

I agree almost entirely with this current message of yours .

But, as true as this might all be, sales don't seem to suggest that being the cheapest entry point into this gen really means anything considering just how much better the PS5 is selling over the current Xbox.

So yeah, I think MS could retire the selling of Series S and focus entirely on the X, allowing for a more unified console push for the remainder of the gen. I don't think it'll hurt that much, if at all. 

I mean, is the Series S still outselling the X?  I honestly don't know so if you know then send me a link.

Last edited by twintail - on 28 August 2023