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twintail said:
Imaginedvl said:

It is an entry point into GamePass. That's where the value is and it is still very valuable.

Someone can buy the Series S and subscribe to GamePass right away, this is definitely still very true as the other alternative is to buy either a Series X or a PC (powerful enough to play those games). By far the best value in entry gaming right now imo; not to mention that you can re-use all the accessories from the Xbox One (controllers being the main thing).

It's a *potential* entry point into GamePass, unless every Series S sold = GamePass subscriber which I highly doubt. 

Last I read, GamePass (and other subscription models) were slowing down in adoption. If that is the case, then I question even more Series S serving as an entry point into GamePass. 

Unless there's some data that makes claims otherwise. 

The Series S is the cheapest entry into this generation of gaming + with access to GamePass + Xbox exclusives. Simple as that, saying that it is just a "potential" entry point is irrelevant, IT IS an entry point. And that's value right there; you may not be interested in it, but there is no denying that it is a thing.

For the majority of buyers, it gave them:

- Ability to subscribe to GamePass and play the games (that's not a potential, it is an entry point to that).

- Access to this gen. games (even with less FPS, lower resolution, or some features disabled)

- And Xbox exclusives.

And it is still 100% true today for new buyers, so again, the value of the Series S is there for sure.