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For me, there's no logic supporting dropping the Series S that's not akin to killing a fly with a tactical nuclear weapon.
For the amount of issue and "damage" it can do by existing VS the disaster it would create to eliminate it, just let it be.

And this is only when looking at the worst side of things which I believe some here focus way too much on with exceptional cases and then use hyperbole and slippery slopes to justify a need that doesn't actually exist to kill the series S or make it seems like it was actually a bad idea. All the while completely ignoring the benefits of such systems.

The series S is not only about a lower price point, it is also a way for MS to ensure the game in its ecosystem can be played on a wider range of hardware when it comes to PC. Now there are laptop APUs able to play even the latest title decently. their also the rise of PC handhelds like Steam Deck, Ayaneo, Rog Ally, GDP Win2, upcoming Lenovo Legion GO. While MS did not target those specifically with the S, such basic laptops APU market had already been speculated for a few years and because PC is such an integral part of the MS ecosystem it completely makes sense to ensure games can be played and can be played decently on an as wide of a range of possible hardware as possible.

For those who think the series X has a degraded experience as a result, it has not been shown to be the case by any titles up to this point. Even with the latest BG3, the series is said to have all the bells and whistles. Even a title with ludicrous hardware requirements has Immortals, which, if the thought that Series S was holding back the X held any truth, should have been a limit case highlighting such degraded experience/ hold down of the Series X when compared to PS5 yet Series X have the same presets as ps5 and even manage to hold better framerate overall.

Last edited by EpicRandy - on 28 August 2023