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Radek said:

I have a feeling demanding games like GTA VI will have a rough port on Series S. Memory is a main concern for me, and also 4 Tf GPU means low resolution, probably internally 720p 30 fps with FSR2 is my guess.

Also I want to know what internal resolution is in Starfield on Series S. Since Digital Foundry already found out XSX was 1296p I assume Xbox Series S internal resolution could be in 640p-720p territory.

Internal resolution of 720p might happen for GTA VI and it would not be an issue. immortals of Aveum renders at 720p internal for Series X and PS5 and 486p for the Series S. The devs clearly went berserk with a design choice that sacrificed resolutions for other things LOL.  It might seem low for the S, yet it's actually low across the board, and it is still a stable and playable experience on the S, which is all Series S needs and all which Series S is about.

For Starfield, if we apply the same ratio as immortals, it would be closer to 900p but immortals also have lowered many other settings so my guess is between 720p and 900p. (Starfield also benefits from a longer optimization period and less platform to support).