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twintail said:
Imaginedvl said:

It is an entry point into GamePass. That's where the value is and it is still very valuable.

Someone can buy the Series S and subscribe to GamePass right away, this is definitely still very true as the other alternative is to buy either a Series X or a PC (powerful enough to play those games). By far the best value in entry gaming right now imo; not to mention that you can re-use all the accessories from the Xbox One (controllers being the main thing).

It's a *potential* entry point into GamePass, unless every Series S sold = GamePass subscriber which I highly doubt. 

Last I read, GamePass (and other subscription models) were slowing down in adoption. If that is the case, then I question even more Series S serving as an entry point into GamePass. 

Unless there's some data that makes claims otherwise. 

The slowdown in new GamePass adoption only reflects the lackluster 2022 and early 2023 for Xbox. No reason for me to believe the pace won't pick up again once heavy hitter releases and the release schedule stabilize, which should begin this holiday by all indications.

Of course, nobody is arguing that every Series S / X owner is a subscriber, still, it's part of consumer acquisition, and no doubt Series S eases the process up to some capacity.