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Imaginedvl said:
LivncA_Dis3 said:

Some developers are having difficulties tinkering with the series x let alone the series s,

It's time to drop it

What are you talking about. don’t start that kind of stuff in a thread that is about the Series S. 

Nobody has difficulties with the Series X. It is as, if not more powerful than then Play Station 5 and no developers ever had issues developing games for both.

Games are virtually the same on both console with some games having an edge on one platform and some others on the other one (mostly due to either more support, time spent etc). 

Either you are making up stuff or you probably miss read something somewhere or stuck on something you saw 3years ago when the SDK…(which is old news and not at all the case since they updated it years ago and even then devs had no issues, few games where simply not performing as well on the Series X)

Series S was a mistake and games for X will never achieve the true potencial because of it. But now that the mistake is done they need to stick to it and own it. Dropping s would be the most fucking evil shit, it would be spitting in the face of s users, leaving them in the shit.