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Going to chime in here with the "people on PC aren't interested in those games from Sony", I'm interested in those games from Sony, but I am however not interested in those games when:

  • The PC port takes 5+ years to come out.
  • The PC port has a stupidly high price.
  • The PC port has bugs/glitches/looks worse than the PS5 version.
  • The CEO stating that "PC users will have to wait, because we want you to buy out console".

Points like that do put me off wanting those ports on PC, because it becomes clear that they do not care about what people like me want on PC.

MS on the other hand took years to finally try making amends with the platform and now does day and date, sometimes even PC first (like with Age of Empires, a PC staple RTS), and that in turn has me more likely wanting to buy from them sooner, or within the year, and they also try their best when it comes to PC versions, and their CEO isn't peddling "pls buy our console first and wait for PC ports later", mantra, that Sony's CEO did some time ago.

People will buy more of those Sony games on PC if they are treated better, priced better and run better out the gate, instead of taking 5+ years, only to give you a less than stellar product, with a jacked up price (Companies that act like the passage of time should not affect their pricing are arrogant beyond measure, and need to adhere to the laws of time and value that changes with time itself).

I bought Age of Empires II HD when it first came out, because I trusted MS and they delivered. When it came to Sony, I waited a year and a half after HZD released on PC, and the same for Days Gone, because those 2 ports had issues, and high pricing, so I waited to grab both for the price of one AAA game (£50).

If Sony wants me to buy more of their games on PC, they need to start adopting what MS does, not 5 years from now either.

Last edited by Chazore - on 26 August 2023

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