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I predicted MS to stop mandating Series S mid-late in the generation, and I'm sticking with this. I just can't see Microsoft mandating Series S for crossgen games until 2032 lol. The system is underpowered and not popular.

But honestly... it's a tricky question to answer because Microsoft has many viable options to choose from. They can launch a portable Series S, revitalizing interest and support. They can end this generation much sooner. They can take a PC-like "system requirement" approach, thereby killing generations. And they can also exit the console hardware business altogether. Once they acquire ABK, they will be an unstoppable force in gaming regardless of what happens to Xbox.

I'd definitely prefer them dropping Series S as a mandatory platform, better late then never, early UE5 games are already pretty damn heavy. I may have had other ideas if I were a Series S owner/fan though.