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SvennoJ said:

They should have put the same amount of RAM in the Series S. Surprise, RAM is used for more than just holding 4K textures. Now it's too late and MS will have to stick with it.

The reality is it's more costly to develop for Series S/X than PS5 with it's one hardware target. Plus a larger install base that is still used to paying for games. MS pretty much made sure PS5 will be the target platform with X and S the ports.

It was a good idea, yet 16GB RAM is already very little nowadays, 10GB with only 8GB at a decent speed is the bottleneck.

That has been one of my arguments from day 1.

Keep the CPU speed and Ram capacity the same, but scale down the GPU, storage and memory speed to hit targets... Makes porting far easier, not all games can just sacrifice GPU effects to fit within the Series S limitations... Some games employ higher levels of simulation and scripting which can be demanding on hardware... And with poor visuals.

If only the One X had an SSD and a Ryzen CPU cluster...

Don't get me wrong, I do like the Series S when games are built with it in mind, it's small, light, compact and perfect for smaller displays... It has actually been one of Microsoft's shining points in terms of hardware sales for the last few generations.

I would like to see it continued to be supported, because... Well. We have it on the Market now, we are stuck with it.

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