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I don't think it is even a question (at least from a business standpoint as it makes no sense and Microsoft would never ever consider it)... So yeah, "Stick with it".
What about all the people who bought it? You cannot just "drop" it mid-generation when you sell it as a console that will (and it will) support all games for this generation. The console will be supported and will not be dropped until the end of the generation.

People are overreacting every time one dev. is complaining about how the Series S cannot (or does not want to make the effort) to downscale a game for the Series S?

The Series S is here to STAY. And devs will get used to it. Yes, they will cry every time they have to do more work on like Baldur's Gate 3, they can simply disable one feature. But in the end; this is one of the best deals for gamers on the market and there is no reason to drop it.

Scaling down (memory, GPU, etc.) is a thing that has been happening on PC for decades and it was never a problem. 

Last edited by Imaginedvl - on 25 August 2023