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zeldaring said:

I never owned a switch, and mainly playing in handheld mode so imagine what i'm going through. I feel like just quitting sometimes but i'm mainly playing it at work, and only have the switch for 2 months so might as well finish it.

Goodluck finishing it in 2 months ;)

I got used to the accept / cancel configuration, so much I do it 'wrong' now on PSVR2. But that video explains very well why I'm still attempting to throw my weapon so often. The radial menu gives me trouble all the time. I let the control stick go before LB so it often registers as the opposite of what I just 'selected'. I have to make a conscious effort to keep holding the L button to make it work. Dunno how it's different from all radial menus before it as this is the first time I've run into this issue.

Anyway I still press the wrong button(s) all the time, the UI and control scheme are a mess. Plus Ultra hand rotation is terrible trying to puzzle out how to rotate in 3D using 2D rotation while hard to see what's going on with the glow effect. Another car with the wheels pointed in opposite directions :/