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SvennoJ said:
zeldaring said:

Yea it's still early and controls are gonna take sometime getting used to them. I will say the game is beautiful when playing in handheld. It's way to early to judge but man i really hate the breakable weapons so far, like they literally have so much mechanics in this game do we needs breakable weapons to slow the pace even more. 

I'm still not used to the controls lol. Hate it when I accidentally throw my weapon away when trying to use ultra-hand.

Funny enough I watched a video the other day where the guy spent like 20 minutes explaining why he had this exact same problem, it starts somewhere around 36 minutes in (yeah long video lol)

Personally I didn't throw my weapon away on accident cause I'm already used to the controls since BotW, but I did struggle with some of the changes they made to the controls since then