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Cheap games on Game Pass.

I think MS buying ABK would have went through as I think Activision are now a one game company and Blizzard are a shadow of themselves (monetisation in recent games proves this), and no billions from MS can fix that. King is MS just joining a market they should have entered ages ago, buying their way in just what MS does. I do not think CoD or Blizzard's library of games matter that much really.

However, I think MS controlling any kind of substantial part of the game industry via the games we consume will be detrimental in the long run, as MS don't care about games or gamers, they care about revenue control. If they did care they wouldn't be buying 1 company for $70bil, they'd open 200 studios making a variety of indie like to AAA games to bolster their GP catalogue so they aren't dependent on paying off 3rd parties. Something, not only, could governmental not get in the way of but would be a benefit to the industry as a whole.

I have nothing against Xbox and the competition it provides. I do, however, not like MS and it's influence and the way it throws money around.

Hmm, pie.