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IcaroRibeiro said:

You guys are right the game design in Tears make the game far far less fun to explore because of two things: you can fly from skies island to anywhere, and the tower can catapult you to everywhere

Because of that I've spend way less time exploring overworld by foot, and once I've unlocked Tulin this become even worse. In Breath I generally took a time to explore every corner of a region and see what it had to offer organically. On this game I honestly didn't even bother with exploration, it was more like a quest-hunting experience. I fixed a goal and I finished that goal


I think I actually like that, because the map was reused. One of my concerns about Tears ir because it was going to fail the feeling of excitement and discovery we had on Breath and in the end I was 100% right, this game has no "own" moment for me.

I'm right now so familiar with Hyrule that walking there is liking walking at home, and when you remove that you unfortunately have a game with much less steam compared to its original. Indeed, as far as I descend from the Skies I realized that I was annoyed to still have to walk and proceeded to unlock all towers asap

So in all, having a way to quickly advance the map makes me happy 

You can choose to play the game however you want.  No one was forcing you to use Tulin or the sky towers to explore less of the terrain.  Hell you could have invented a a plane or hovercraft type vehicle to zip through huge chunks of area as well you liked.  There is just so much creativity to do whatever you want in the game.