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Ljink96 said:

Well yeah, no game is perfect. When I bring up FFXVI or Elden Ring it's not to say these games are perfect, but rather I want the Zelda team to take note of what these games are doing better than them and try to improve their craft. It is very difficult to balance an open world game but Nintendo is onto something. They just need to refine the lackluster areas of this era of Zelda.

Making quests work in open world games is very hard due to the open nature. Anything location related and you're likely to run into the quest area before finding the quest. Some games are flexible but most, including TotK, require you to find the quest NPC first. We're still stuck with linear quests and stories in open world games where it's all too easy to come at things from the 'wrong' side.

NMS' way works since you find out more of the story by finding more 'clues' around the galaxy. No need to be in a specific area, just find another story segment. Yet that only works when it all looks the same, copy paste bases, altars etc. TotK has that with the Yiga clan, copy paste bases all over the Depths where you find out more about the Yiga clan. However the Khoga quest has you go to specific locations, which are also just copy paste places. It could be flexible, I met Khoga first in the South end of the Depths, then he went to the NW corner, to NE corner and finally he's waiting in a secluded area. Maybe the first 3 locations are flexible, or it's just a coincidence I explored the same way around as Khoga moves. (I went straight south first to explore the depths clockwise)

Anyway the Khoga quest line is the only thing that works in the Depths without finding any related NPC first up top Many things in the Depths look to have a purpose but remain unresponsive)

And on the enemy side, still no better idea than to have the same mix of enemies all over the map that level up as you kill them or level up yourself. While bosses form a roadblock until you level up / get better gear.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 01 July 2023