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Ljink96 said:
mZuzek said:

I've been really tired of gaming in general lately, I hoped TotK would bring me back but it's failing. I'm starting to think that it's not all of gaming I'm uninterested in, and moreso the kinds of games I get to play in the Nintendo 'circle', which is where I put myself in... Because I can't remember a single Nintendo game that I've actually gotten into since my playthrough of Guardians of the Galaxy. It's not a coincidence. Guardians opened my eye to how far storytelling has come in gaming, it blew me away, and going back to anything Nintendo is painful because the writing and voice acting and direction of their narratives in general is just awful in comparison.

Yup. I can't remember how many times I rolled my eyes at Zelda's cutscenes and writing. My God if I hear about "Secret Stones" and the "Imrisoning War" one more time. Like, this stuff might have been cool in like... 1991 but they deadass wrote the story and probably thought it was cutting edge or different. Interesting gameplay options mean nothing if there's nothing to make you movtivated imo. 

What makes it worse is, the one neat plot twist in the game was hinted at so much, you can barely even call it a spoiler.

There was this one cutscene, it's a moment where it does like little flashbacks of many moments in previous cutscenes, where the word "power" is said 6 times in the span of 5 lines, by 5 different characters - and one of those lines also includes the word "strength" just to say there's some variety I guess. Like it was bad enough that I watched it again just to count how many times it was said. Not sure why this game even bothered having various characters if all of them are just different looking versions of the same exposition about the sacred power and evil power or whatever.