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IcaroRibeiro said:
Zarkho said:

P.S.: Have I mentioned how ANOYING are the new battle companions, how dislikeable are Tulin 

How dare you to slander my boy like that? Reported

But really, I love my Sages... I just hate how unreliable they are. But not Tulin, Tulin is amazing, helped me paragliding and frequently give headshots at enemies, gamechanging

I really like how Tulin's ability helps paragliding faster... But I HATE how easy is to have it activated on the ground, sending your stuf (like orbs or monster parts) away... Same with the other companions abilities: it's anoying to have them unpourposedly activated (Specially the Yunobo Fireball, it destroys or scares bugs, birds and lizards whenever I'm trying to quietly aproach them... And I hate that humongous yellow, electric circle being activated randomly and hindering my visibility...  -.-' )

Last edited by Zarkho - on 30 June 2023