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Conina said:

up to 120 fps: there are a few 120-fps-games... check!

8K capability: the Series X can output a 8K-signal up to 60 Hz... check!

It's not their fault if some people expect those extremes for Triple-A-games instead of lightweights like "The Touryst".

I think Xbox can't output 8k signal (hdmi 2.1 sure is standard that allows it), and Xbox run The Touryst at 6k if I'm not wrong.

PS5 runs The Touryst 8k internally but output is still limited to 4k.

But can say I'm currently satisfied with my PS5 and my tv is 4k and 60fps so 8k and 120 was never even needed for me. And the way I understand 8k was for multimidia whenever it happens on streams or BD and 120fps is a mode for some games.

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