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UnderwaterFunktown said:

I can't say I really understand the takes defending the companies by saying it's marketing and pushing the blame unto gamers for expecting too much. Obviously it's good advice in general to be cautious of marketing speak, but it feels a little like saying that it's fine for companies to make misleading claims because you shouldn't believe them. Again not saying anybody outrighed lied in these cases, but I would consider some of the pre launch information misleading.

It's the same with PSVR2, marketed as a 4K headset.
Experience the next generation of VR and play with stunning 4K HDR Visuals.

Which lead to many new users expecting resolution comparable to their 4K TV in VR, in reality it's closer to DVD quality, 2000 pixels (per eye) wide over 110 degrees. There still are (were, it's closed atm out of protest) daily questions on the PSVR subreddit whether you can watch 4K movies on the virtual screen. (Yes you can, in DVD resolution unless you want to watch with your head on a swivel to get closer to 1080p)

It is stunning, but 20 pixels per degree is about the most you get out of the headset, where 20/20 vision is at 60 pixels per degree and 4K tvs are on average viewed at 100 pixels per degree. So expect about 1/5th of the sharpness compared to native 4K on 65" tv viewed from 7ft away.

Of course 4K tv isn't really 4K either 3840...

However companies should be held to a higher standard for advertising, not just for the machines, every big new game launch seems to be over promising again and again. Then even cancelling what was promised (no Halo Infinite couch co-op) Plus for all the fast loading hype with Sony, half a minute long loading screens in Switchback VR??? (Tbf Races do load super fast in GT7)