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UnderwaterFunktown said:
Kristof81 said:

Overhyping? And what did they supposed to do, underhype it? It's called marketing.

In retrospect I think "overhype" was the wrong word to use. It's more so "overpromise" that I meant. Might change it.

Maybe, but isn't that the case for any new hardware release? Objectively this gen hardware is far better designed, thought out and not laughably underpowered, unlike the 8th gen was, where a substantial mid-gen upgrade was required just to guarantee stable 1080p/30 performance (yes, mid 20fps in sub-1080p or even in sub-720p on newly released and advertised as 4k machines, was a thing back then), without having to worry about your neighbour who kept asking, why is your hairdryer on all the time. Just watch some DF videos from 2014 and compare them to 2021 ... it's night and day. This isn't a hyped gen. It's we-fixed-it gen. The last one was overhyped AF.