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UnderwaterFunktown said:

I can't say I really understand the takes defending the companies by saying it's marketing and pushing the blame unto gamers for expecting too much. Obviously it's good advice in general to be cautious of marketing speak, but it feels a little like saying that it's fine for companies to make misleading claims because you shouldn't believe them. Again not saying anybody outrighed lied in these cases, but I would consider some of the pre launch information misleading.

I'm saying it's their job to sell people products and pay their employees good wages. If they weren't trying their best to sell their product they wouldn't be doing their job properly, which is something far more guilt worthy.

It's not like they're selling people complete toasters either. Whether or not people drank the usual kool-aid of pre-next-gen hype, the machines currently do a good job. Even better in comparison to the previous gen at the same stage. Not sure what kind of issue we're trying to make here. If you're gonna complain about anything you ought to question the lack of legitimate next-gen exclusives and killer apps so far, as that's what ultimately should drive people to buy systems.