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zeldaring said:
Kynes said:

You still don't understand that they are not interrelated. Better graphics don't have to mean worse physics, no matter how much you stubbornly insist on it.

So you saying if everything was destructible it would not effect performance? that's false. aside from that they would need to a massive budget. TOKT which is using dated graphics need 1 year just to test everything works now imagine that on something like GTA6 most developers will go bankrupt doing both things which is why it probably has not been done. 

Performance yes, graphics performance no. You have multiple systems that work in parallel and can generate stalls in the generation of a frame. Just because one is much more complex and reduces cpu performance doesn't mean that another one will get worse, it will simply have the graphics system idle longer waiting for the cpu to generate the necessary calculations for the next frame.

You have no idea how game engines work, and you've been spreading disinformation and your opinions as if they were facts.