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gtotheunit91 said:
twintail said:

How do you know that ND is having a content problem? That seems like quite the assumption on your part. 

While true overall, it’s all speculation as to what’s actually going on, but if the report is true that it’s a player retention issue, then it’s a content issue in 1 of 2 ways.

Either the content that’s there doesn’t have a satisfying gameplay/rewards loop (which would require to go back to the drawing board) or there just isn’t enough overall content to keep players interested. Ala Halo Infinite lol.

Both gameplay and rewards, such as cosmetics, are considered content in live-service games. And ND will need to nail both of these key aspects in order to be successful. And having played thousands of hours of Destiny over the years till 2021, I very much know what Bungie thinks are keys to successful live services because they’re vocal about that. 

EDIT: I typed this out on mobile and messed up the quote

That's fair.

More info would be nice, but obviously that isn't going to happen. But you're right, ND needs to nail a lot of the live service aspects, so I think it's probably a good thing they're rethinking certain things through/